Angel Darkthorne

I am in control.

Alias N/A
Real Name Angel Melissa Darkthorne
Species Black Rabbit
Gender Female
Height 10" or 3'(check history)
Weight 3lbs or 30lbs (check history)
Apparent Age Infant or small woman(check history)
Real Age Baby or 21(check history)
Birth Date 2008-07-08
Marital Status Single
Personality Angel as a baby:
Devious, coy and playful. The Angel who has yet to grow up is quite blunt and honest if compared to her older self. Angel loves watching people get confused because it makes her feel less inferior to them. That and it's funny to watch. She loves pulling pranks when possible and enjoys driving people nuts when she can help it.
Angel as an adult:
Angel is an opportunist who at the same time delights in figuring people out so she can guide them to do things she wants them to do. She adds layers of mystery on her own intentions to keep people guessing what her true goals are and often misleads people on purpose concerning her true nature. Angel's opportunism is to such an extreme that even misfortune is somehow always twisted to be in her favor and she knows it. This said, Angel is usually in a good mood.
Powers Baby or Adult:

Mental Resistance - Angel's mind is mysteriously unable to be read. It is not as though there is nothing there, but rather as though there is a huge fortress in the way.
Lie Detection - This is the ability to "see" or feel when people are lying and to what degree. Like her mother's empathy power, this is partly psychic, but it is also something... else. People with resistance to psychic powers can not stop this power, but people with no soul and no emotions are immune.
Friend of Technology - Angel is a smarty-pants and has a knack with fixing objects or learning how to use them. She's also one of those people who will look at a broken object, open it up, say "Huh..." then close it up and it will magically work again. (My brother IRL has done that too many times for it to be called a "skill")
Bunny Features - Angel can hear better than the average person thanks to her big ears. This equates to her being able to hear someone whispering in another room and barely making out what's being said. She can also jump pretty high thanks to her powerful legs. About 20 feet!
Adult only:
Time Travel - By means of a machine she owns in the future, Angel is able to travel back in time to the present for brief periods of time ranging from hours to days.
Weaknesses Baby (Baby only): Baby Angel is pretty helpless for a number of obvious reasons. World Domination will have to wait.
Angel frequently has her world domination plans belayed by this annoying thing her parents instilled in her called morality.
Time Travel Annoyance - Remember Terminator? Remember how time travel meant you wind up in the past NAKED? Yeah. That's a problem Angel experiences every time she comes to our time. She tries to land in a spot where she won't be seen naked, but... it doesn't always work out that way.
Mom's Empathy, but Bad - At random, Angel will rather suddenly feel the emotions of everyone within a radius from 5 feet to 10 miles all at once and depending on how many people that radius encompasses, it could be anywhere from "Boy I feel sad" to "AAAAHHH!!!" and in some cases, could make her faint.
Skills Adult Angel only:
Sharp Shooting - Angel is good enough at this that in a world with super-powered individuals, some might think Angel just has a sharp-shoting power that goes beyond skill. But the fact is, she spent most of her life developing this skill. She could quickdraw on a scurring cockroach from 20 meters away. This only applies to guns, though. While Angel can be fairly accurate with other weapons, she isn't even close to the accuracy she gets with a gun.
Martial Arts - Her mom is Pan Darkthorne. But on top of getting taught by a pro for a mom, Angel has created her own moves that involve gun slinging and that involve a more Krav-Maga style.
Strategy - Angel is a genius in the arts of war and any form of combat.
Psychology - Angel is a psychologist in the fields of adult and child psychology. While she is not the best, she knows enough to manipulate people.
Guns - Angel is borderline obsessed with guns. She knows what the responsible gun-owner knows: Disasseble & assembley, cleaning, etc. She also knows stuff like how to invent your own mini photon cannon.
Alignment Hero / Villain
Profession Baby: None Adult: Empress
Affiliation The Darkthorne Empire
Other Description
History Angel was raised by a pair of super heroes (Matt and Pan Darkthorne) who constantly encouraged her to do the right thing. But she was born with a desire to be on top and just couldn't accept that she wasn't the one making the rules. However, unlike most kids born with such desires, Angel was smart enough to be subtle and devious. So as she grew, she learned different ways to plan things so that her parents were less likely to discover said plans. What are a pair of hero parents to do? It's not like they could ground her for life, right?

Well it gets better. For Angel's parents did not raise her in vain. Angel picked up on their goody-goody nature and because they loved her, Angel grew to have a much nicer idea what those rules would be when she takes over.

Speaking of... Angel is still only a baby. So why are we discussing her history in the past tense when it hasn't happened yet? Well... because Angel has come to the present from the future. As it turns out, one key point in her plan involves something in the past that she doesn't want to talk about. Whatever it is, Angel is only able to appear in the past once in a while...
Major Events Can't really tell you the major events of Angel's life before they happen, now can I? That would be a spoiler! (She's new to the MU*)
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