Explosions make everything better! Except maybe surgery, I think.

Alias Hex Angel
Real Name Dierdre Dorothy Tyler
Species Feline
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Weight 108 lbs.
Apparent Age Early Twenties
Real Age 22
Birth Date 1986-08-06
Marital Status Single, but in steady relationship
Personality Didi is generally friendly and helpful, but how deep she is into her mad-science state of mind may affect what she considers 'helpful'. When not involved in a project, she manages a level of common sense that keeps her out of trouble. This common sense tends to go by the wayside when she's in pursuit of some new scientific goal.
Powers Her primary power is Hyperadaptation. Wherever she goes, her body changes to suit the environment. She can go diving without scuba gear, spacewalk without a suit, etc.. This is a physical, visible change. Using the diving example again, she would start turning all 'Mermaid-y'. This is NOT Invulnerability! It requires a few seconds to a minute for the changes to take effect, too slow to block a sudden hazard. (she went wading in lava on a dare one time, but she had to go in SLOWLY, like with a hot tub. Afterwards, cleaning the stuff off was a major pain too. ;P) This power also gives some help all the time, with some traits that are useful whatever the environment: she is a very quick healer, all her senses are very sharp, and she is immune to disease and most poisons. Shapechanging effects only work on her temporarily, as the power acts as an override.

Didi suspects that her ability to learn quickly is also a hyperadaptation effect. Other than Hyperadaptation, Didi has been accumulating magical skills, most recently making attempts to develop ways to combine magic and technology. She has also constructed a variety of devices, including some weaponry, to help her in the strange day-to-day world of SMT.
Weaknesses Remember those Very Sharp Senses mentioned earlier? Well those aren't always a good thing to have, especially in the big city. (I think Bill Hicks did a joke about that.) Powerfully bad odors can overwhelm her, and dog whistles give her splitting migraines. Also, Mad-Science is slightly addictive for Didi, the more she does the more she WANTS to do. When deep into a particularly engaging project she can become somewhat obsessive about it.
Skills Talented in Engineering, with a particular flair for robotics and exotic uses of magnetic fields. She also has years of experience travelling through strange dimensions and some general magical knowledge (Don't slam magical tomes shut, that sort of thing).
Alignment Civilian/Herioc, except when deep in Mad-Sci, when she's Techno-Chaotic.
Profession Scientist/Student/Entrepeneur/Crimefighter
Affiliation Vindicators
Description A catgirl, with a slim, dancer's physique, about 5'4" tall, in her late teens or very early twenties. Her eyes are large and expressive, a vivid yellow-green. Her hair is short straight and black, cut into a 'pageboy' style, and looking a touch windblown. Her ears, black on the outside and white fur within, stick up through it, each pierced with a couple of small silver safety pins. Her fur is white on her face and upper body, black on her hands and legs. Her tail is black with a white tip. She is wearing hip-hugging faded jeans, red sneakers, and a black babydoll t-shirt with a cartoonish skull-and-crossbones on the front. Over all this is a labcoat, with a patch on the left chest of the SMT Labs Interns' emblem. Over her shoulder, she has what looks like a Russian army surplus paratrooper bag, decorated with buttons. A pair of dark goggles hang around her neck.

(These are her working clothes, she has a variety of other outfits to suit the occasion.)
Other Description Many possible descriptions based on her current
Adaptation, but clothing-wise, her other main outfit is this.:
A slim catgirl, about 5'4" tall, in her late teens or very early
twenties. Her hair is black, straight, cut neat and short. Her fur is
white on her face and upper body, black on her hands and legs. Her tail
is black with a white tip. She is wearing sandals, khaki shorts with big
pockets, and a black tank-top which exposes a few inches of midriff. The
tank-top has a skull-and-crossbones design on the front. On her left
wrist, she wears a black bracer made of metal and plastic, with a PDA
screen. on her right wrist, she wears a similar bracer, with no screen.
Over her shoulder, she has what looks like a Ruskian army surplus
paratrooper bag, decorated with buttons.
History We've all heard stories about kids who've gone up tornadoes, down rabbit-holes or through enchanted furniture to wind up in some strange, distant land. Well, Didi was one of those kids. At the age of 6, she stumbled into the Inbetween, a strange 'Gateway Dimension' connecting everywhere to everywhere else. (At least Didi BELIEVED that that's how it happened. More on that later.)

She was quickly found by The Inbetweeners, who drafted her to be a Guide, returning lost travellers to their home dimensions. (A note about the Inbetween: if you're not adapted to it, the place gets into your mind and takes the form of whatever it finds there. if you are adapted, you tend to see it for the Big Empty that it is.) The Inbetweeners imprinted a map of the Inbetween into her mind, and gave her Hyperadaptation to protect her against the more hostile realms she might encounter.

Years passed, Didi grew, and eventually grew tired of her repetitive work. One day, a strange fellow wearing a cape and tights turned up lost in the Inbetween, and Didi made her decision. First she gathered up what possessions she had (mostly interdimensional knicknacks collected over the years), she led him to his home gate (to SuperMegaTopia), then went through right after him, leaving her old life behind.

In order to get money to live on, she auctioned off her collection on SMTBay, earning enough to support herself for the next few years, if she budgets. Didi then enrolled at U of SMT, with a double major of Engineering and Paranormal Studies. (Here's a question: how did Didi get into college, when she's never been to school? Well, she's a quick learner and she tests well, but it might have more to do with the fact that the PS department wants to keep a close eye on her. They did a LOT of tests on her when she signed up.)

Didi settled in to her new home, having adventures and making new friends, then a course of bizarre events (which will not be described here for sake of space) revealed the truth about her past, which she had never suspected. She discovered that she did not stumble into the Inbetween as a child, she was in truth born there. The Inbetweeners, being natural shapeshifters, reproduce by imprinting a portion of their substance with the template of another being, allowing the offspring to have a shape and identity until they are mature enough to fully control their abilities. She met her true parents for the first time, and discovered that she is potentially immortal. She has yet to become fully accustomed to this idea.

Overall, Didi is happy in her new life.
Major Events -Didi's Not-so-secret origin gets revealed while chatting in the park.

-Has her first battle, the Mime Attack on Goddamit Island.

-participated in the salvage mission to Barnard's Star.

-She has a close relationship with Protokol which ends when he leaves SuperMegaTopia.

-She discovers the truth about her otherdimensional origins.

-Journeys to Nondes Cripti and meets Dr. Marcellus Watt, another of her kind and her 'cousin'.

-Forms a deep relationship with Jane Thompson, AKA 'SweetTooth'.

-Has a brief career in villainy, using the secret identity of 'Enigma'.

-Succesfully completes SMTU's Advanced Engineering Program and becomes an SMT Labs Intern as part of her post-grad studies.

-Builds her android 'daughter', Synthia, while in the depths of a mad-sci trance.

-Starts the Cracked Pot Coffeehouse, mainly so she can have her workshop in the basement.
Misc Info / Links Portrait by Fluffball http://furaffinity.net/user/fluffball/

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