Donovan Thorn

Art by Tim Fewell

Alias 'Bastard Child of Fate'
Real Name Donovan Thorn
Species Panther
Gender Male
Height 5'6"
Weight 140lbs
Apparent Age mid-twenties
Real Age 24
Birth Date 1979-10-05
Marital Status Married to Mako Thorn
Personality Don tends to be upbeat and cheerful, though he is a bit of a worrier. He seems to occasionally switch between exceedingly clueless, to calm and level-headed; partially a symptom of his attention-deficit disorter, partially to make people think he's more clueless than he really is.

He possesses the kind of courage and determination that can only be called, well, pigheaded, and takes heroism very seriously. He gives it his all, no matter how often and how humiliatingly he gets beaten; shred him bloodily, and he'll spend a few weeks in hospital then come back for more. He is comitted to following the ideals of truth and justice as best he can, but he abides by the spirit of the law more easily than the letter of it.
Powers Quantum Teleportation - He has the ability to harness the fundamental randomness of quantum tunneling to teleport himself short to medium distances. The longer the distance, the harder it is and more likely to end up somewhere he didn't intend.

Unobtanium bones - After enduring more than a year of continous punishment from Don's ceaseless attempts at heroism, his skeleton finally called it quits, refusing to heal anymore. The straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak, was a little incident where Don fell into a 20 foot pit - twice. A combination of kindness on Dr. Brian's part and exasperation on Don's HMO's part resulted in him being volunteered for an experiment in which his bones were replaced with semiflexible organic alloy.

Cybernetic Strength - Dr. Brian once more ended up nailing Don back together, this time after Break accidentally shot him with anti-tank weaponry(long story, really Don's fault). It's not as good as it sounds; while capable of superstrength, his metabolism doesn't really have the energy to support it. Ergo, he's only capable of superstrength in very short bursts with significant rest between them.
Weaknesses He is only able to blip around freely, when nobody's looking; organic observers really muck up the quantum teleport process.

His organic alloy bones have a tendency to set of metal detectors, and can be magnetized to the point where he'll stick to anything magnetic and vice versa.

His electromechanical components are vulnerable to EMP, electrical shock, and radiation.
Skills Computer programming, some mechanics, and good electronics skills(though he prefers to use these talents to create more subtle things, rather than obvious BFGs). Has a knack for getting bad publicity and arrest warrants by accident. Also trying to learn parenting skills in a real hurry as he attempts to raise his adoptive daugher, Connie.
Alignment Hero
Profession Hero/owner of SMT Scrap Salvage & Surplus
Affiliation Vindicators, founding member
Description You see a male panther, about 5'6". He's slimly built, but not scrawny. He's wearing blue-jeans, a black T-shirt, heavy-looking work boots and a large, stuffed-to-the-brim backpack. The pack has 'U of SMT' written on it, and a red leaf sewn below the lettering.

Rather ordinary... but something seems odd when you look at him through the corner of your eyes.
Other Description You see a male panther, about 5'6", in a rather odd outfit. Worn on top of a normal jeans'n't-shirt are knee, leg, and elbowpads of the sort you'd expect to see a safety-concious rollerblader wearing.. also a toolbelt crammed with stuff from tools to gadgets unrecognizable, and a strange electronic gauntlet on his left arm. His shoes are heavy steeltoed workboots. His beige shirt is adorned with a black V, designating him one of the Vindicators.
History He came to SMT simply to take classes at USMT, working toward a dual Computer Science/Engineering degree. All work and no play makes donny bored, though. Which led to his first labs tour.

His first tour of SMT labs was out of scientific curiosity. It was a good enough excuse for the next 3 tours, but he was much more interested in the tour guide, Lindsey-Dillo. His luck ran out during the fourth tour... he doesn't remember much about it, except that 3 days later he woke up two miles out of town, sporting several painful burn marks he didn't recall having before. He's not about to try again. Dr. Nesbitt was very curious how her latest guinea pig escaped from the particle accelerator, but probably wouldn't remember him by now.
Major Events -Arrives at SMT, takes labs tours in early 2001
-Meets General Warhead in the city park, and his first fight ensuses after G.W. triggers the explosion of a jewelery store
-First date with Mako
-Chip implanted in Don's brain by an unknown person or organization for unknown intentions
-Don founds the Vindicators in August 2002
-Accident in Sin-Zero's warehouse - Don falls into 20 foot pit twice. His skeleton is replaced afterwards.
-Connie 'adopts' Mako and Don as her parents
-Hit with anti-tank weaponry, cybernetic components added
-Marries Mako Eln
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