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SMT Muck - Homes

Everyone needs to live somewhere! Even in a MUCK.

In order to make RP more realistic, every character should have a home. In almost all cases, these homes are pre-made by the building staff. Never fear, though, there are plenty of places to choose from:

Back alleys: these are for those of you that wouldn't ICly have enough money to live anywhere else. [bus park pat ]

Kiwi Apartments: this is the standard housing, which much of the muck uses. It consists of one room, pre-desced as an apartment suite. For average people, who do not need several separate rooms in which to RP at home. [bus kd s s ka]

Townhomes: the most expensive housing that almost anyone short of the uber-rich can afford, these townhomes are the ultimate in luxury! They contain 3 rooms which you must desc yourself. For people who like descing, do a lot of RPing at home, or work from home ICly. [bus kd tow]

Condos: For the extremely well-off. [bus nfmd s s con]

Bayside Tenements: Run-down harbour district apartments for those that aren't quite in the street, or who don't care about their surroundings ICly. [bus hd s slum]

Vayne Manor and The Offender's Mansion: open only to members of select groups.

*note: no rooms will be added to the apartments or townhomes. If you wish to build your own home, and have a strong reason for it, talk to the building wizard.

To claim your home:

1a) To claim an apartment or townhome as your own, look at the directory (for apartments) or the for sale sign (for townhomes) and follow the directions. Once you have done that, go into your apartment or townhome.
1b) To live in the alley, stand in the alley room.
2) Type '@link me=here' You can now type 'gohome' anywhere in the muck, and you will return to your home.

Anyone who does not have a home two weeks after their first connect will be spoken to by a staffer regarding their position.