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SMT Muck - Application Information

So you've decided to get a character on SuperMegaTopia MUCK! Welcome Aboard!

The first thing you'll want to do is decide what sort of character you want to play. Do you want a character from the comics or do you want to make one up yourself? Do you want to play a hero, a villain, or a civilian? Referring to the Theme page will be useful in this, as will reading the comics.

Then you'll want to flesh your character out a little. Whether it's a comic character or your own original creation, you'll want to think up a personality, and possibly a mannerism or two that the character uses. What makes your character tick? Why do they do what they do? Are they happy doing it? Why?

If you want to get a character from the comics, you should also read the Feature Policy. If want a character that's your own original creation, keep in mind that your character should not duplicate any characters from the comics.

Make sure that you're keeping your thoughts on this written down. When you've finished fleshing out your character until you think you know how they act, try going over this checklist. You don't need to answer all the questions, but knowing the answers to these will help you get to know your character better, and will give the administrators all that much more information when they are reviewing your application. Write them down in Notepad or SimpleText or your favourite text editor so you can copy and paste them later.

The List:

  • What is your character's alignment (hero/villain/etc)?
  • What are your char's combat strengths, if any? Weaknesses?
  • What are your char's other strengths, if any? Weaknesses?
  • How old is your character?
  • Where were they born?
  • Who were the char's parents and did your char know them well?
  • Who raised your char, if different?
  • How did your char obtain their powers, if any?
  • Why does your char use their powers as they do, if any?
  • How and why did your char get to Supermegatopia?
  • Where does your char live presently?
  • How does your char make their money?
  • What is your char's outlook on life in general?
  • What does yor char most fear?
  • What does your char like?
  • Why do you want a character on SMT?
  • What does your char want most, right now?

I know that looks really intimidating, but you don't have to answer everything. Just answer the ones that you feel like you know about, and that help you get a grasp on your character. For an example application, see Weasel Boy's Application. And for a good look at what NOT to do, see the Dumpster Files: Oh, the furanity!!

Now that you know what your character is like, it's time to get it created. Connect to the muck, either using telnet or pointing your muck client to port 8888. Some ISP's block or slow down port 8888, so ports 23 and 2069 also connect to SMT MUCK.

There are two ways of applying for a character: using the automated application program, or getting an interview with a wizard.

The Application Program

Connect to the MUCK and log in as a guest by typing connect guest guest. You'll find yourself in the Guest Room, where all guests start out. From here you have a few options, but we'll leave exploring for another time. Typing ca from the Guest Room will bring you to the Character Application room. In the Character Application room you can type apply charname to launch the application program, which will let you enter your character concept and submit it for review.

The Interview

Once you've reached the MUCK, connect as a guest by typing connect guest guest, then get a list of the people who do character interviews with the wizzes command. Contact one of them using page, and they'll interview you. If no one shows up on the list, try another time. The best time to catch the wizards is in the evening, north american time.

In the interview, you'll need to describe your character. This is where all those questions you answered earlier comes in: just paste that into your client's window. The wizard will take that information and post it so that the other wizards can read it. A decision will be reached on your character, usually within a week, and you'll be sent an email that either tells you the password for your character, or why that particular character wasn't acceptable. Don't worry, the former happens much more often!

Then all you need to do is connect, set up your character, and you've entered the world of SuperMegaTopia.