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SMT Muck - Setting Up Your Character

Welcome to Supermegatopia MUCK!

There are several steps you should take in setting up your character. We hope the list below will be useful in this. Remember, it's important that you read the policy files before you begin to RP!

1) Set your gender. @sex me=male or @sex me=female Any non-standard gender must be approved by admin. See theme information on gender.

2) Set your species. @species me= As this muck is furry-themed, species is nonhuman, though anthropomorphic (humanlike animal).

3) Type pub #on to turn on the public channel. You can ask questions over this, or announce an RP, or even just chat using the command pub message.

4) Set your description. See the description guide to help decide what to write, and use nep on the muck to set it. To set a temporary description, type @desc me= Make sure you don't leave yourself with a temporary description for more than a week!

5) Set your rpinfo. To learn more about rpinfo and how to set it, type news rpinfo on the muck. This should be done within two weeks of the first time you connect!

Now you can go RP! There are still a couple things you need to do before you settle in permanently, though:

6) Find a place to live. There are several places to live in Supermegatopia, all listed on the Locations Page The homes page provides more information on specific homes and information on how to claim homes as well.

7) Read the bulletin boards frequently. To read the main board, type +read and to view specific messages type +read < number of message > There are other important boards as well, especially the RP board. All board commands, as well as the available boards, are listed on the boards guide.

At any point, typing checkplayer me will tell you if you're all set up, and what you still have to do if you aren't.