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SMT Muck - Places On The Muck

This is a list of the more common places in the MUCK were people gather. These directions will work from anywhere.

bus kd s s ka
Place Directions Description
Bayside Tenements bus hd s slum n One of the worst, and cheapest, places in town to stay.
Kiwi Apartments One of the most popular types of dwellings; cheap and efficient, if you can stand the decor.
Townhouses bus kd tow Expensive homes for those with a bit put away.
SMT Condos bus nfmd s s con Spacious condominuims from the REALLY well-off.
Temple of Whatever bus hd tw Game room, pool, and a place to sleep if you're down on your luck. Being a temple to the God of Slack, there's no services or any such thing; Eh, whatever, just chill out.
The Tooth and Claw bus kd s tac i The Tooth and Claw, a higly popular medievally themed tavern/nightclub
SMT City Park bus park SuperMegaTopia City Park is a common place for furs of all sorts to gather and chill out. It is also, inexplicably, one of the bigest foci of heroic and villanous activity in the city. Er, mind that crater, will you?
Mall bus nfmd s mall In the mood for some conspicuous consumption? This is the right place to go.
SMT Labs bus nfmd s smt This is none other than the (in)famous SuperMegaTopia Labs itself.
Airfield bus hd s s This city's airport terminal's on it's own island to contain any disasters that may happen within; naturally, an airport's going to be a big terrorist and villainy magnet.
ZCorp bus hd s s c The obligatory Big Corporation(r) operating in this city and doing R&D work. But what do they actually DO, you ask? Why, R&D of course! Nothing to see here. Move along. Next question...
Goddamit Island Beach bus gib Sun, surf, and sea-monsters!
Red Rose's bus kd s e r A nice, family restaraunt. Serves nice meals at fair prices. Just don't rub the owner the wrong way.
Bank bus kd b The First Kiwi National Bank. "7 hours without a break in!" *cha-BLAM* *flipflip* "2 minutes without a break in!"
SwingStage ooclounge sw This is a special purpose room, with no predetermined setup. Say you want to run a plot in the SuperMegaPowerPlant, or Orphanage, or any of a million places SMT has but hasn't been actually put on the grid? Head to the swing stage, and follow the instructions to redesc it to your own designs!

SMT Muck Map

North Kiwi Drive North Ferret Man Drive Vayne Manor
Structure/Area Offender's Mansion Atomic Burger Night Club God Dammit Island Shoals
Street | |
West Kiwi Fields Hospital SMT Museum Skippy Lane |
Town Houses | | | |

Bus Stop


Manhole Kiwi Land SMT Stadium North Harbor Road Temple of Whatever |
| | |



Bank Red Rose's Vayne Towers North Harbor District North Bay
| | | | | | |
Cave Kiwi Drive Tiger Lass Lane Ferret Man Drive East Tiger Lass Lane Junkyard | |
| | | | | |
Tooth & Claw Mass Confusion Towers SMT Labs Abandoned Library SMT Mall South Harbor Road Greenwood Charity Center | Bayside Slums |
| | | |
Mountains Desert Shooting Range Research Facility South Harbor |
| | | | | South Bay
South Kiwi Drive Weasel Boy Way South Ferret Man Drive East Weasel Boy Way
| | | | |
Kiwi Apts. City Hall Library Police Station Firehouse Warehouse O' Crap SMT Airfield Grey Vault Island
Convention Center SMTU Campus Z-Corp
Candy Factory SMT Condos
City Park Alley Govt. Offices
| |
St. Bagosy's Abandoned Industry
| | |
South Kiwi Fields