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SMT Muck - Theme

Supermegatopia MUCK is firmly held to a furry, comedic superhero theme the better to allow the players to experience the world of Kwijibo. The fact that we have a firm theme basically means that all the characters on the muck fit into the world of The Brothers Grinn, and wouldn't be all that unlikely show up in an edition of Deviations.

To explain the theme a little more fully: Supermegatopia is a city on the Island Continent of Kwijibo. It is in a time frame equivalent to our own, except for the fact that furries, or humanlike animals, inhabit the city instead of humans. The city has an extremely large population of Superheroes and Supervillains as well as a number of civilians. While the muck approves of realistic roleplay, we feel that the tone should be kept as light as possible. Banter is encouraged, and any extremely heavy, end-of-the-world type plots should end in an appropriately silly way. :)

Although we hold firmly to the theme, there are some exceptions allowed. The Brothers' Grinn's other popular world, Char Mon, does not yet have a MUCK of its own. Supermegatopia MUCK does not have a Char Mon space, but feature characters from Char Mon do exist on our MUCK for random reasons.

Please see the MUCK's Common Knowledge Page and our Policy on Theme which also goes into greater detail about things like technology level, medicine, and jobs.