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Mar 3, 2010: New MUCKers Pic!
Timothius was kind enough to draw us this! Months of work, four sketches, and finally superimposed and colored! Isn't he great? Thanks Tim!

Dec 21, 2009: Denizen System
The denizen system should be working now. There's also a system to edit your own denizen, though you will need to give it a password first.

Aug 27, 2009: SMT Map
Since the website has moved, the map stopped working. here is a new link.

Oct 2, 2008: Denizens Working Again
The Denizens page now shows characters again. Submissions do not work yet.

Aug 23, 2008: Server Partially Restored
The recent outage was due to a hard drive failure. This has been amended, but expect weirdness in the sites while things get updated and fixed.

Aug 23, 2008: Backup Move
The backup server is now at port 9999 , NOT where it used to be.

Aug 6, 2007: Log Backlog No More
Eeka has painstakingly formatted and submitted nearly a dozen new logs for us! Thank you, Eeka! Check the 2005-2006 logs sections for them.

Dec 26, 2006: Online Backup Site
SMTMUCK now has an online backup at . It's SMT, cloned -- your passwords work there, all your stuff is there. It is not, however, going to replicate back to once downtime is over. You will need to manually remake any changes made over there on here.

Oct 5, 2006: Outage
I'm told we had a long outage this morning, and just now, an outage for an hour. SMTmuck is fine. Our ISP, on the other hand, is coughing up hairballs. Things seem stable for now, but if they aren't, just be patient, we'll be back.

Nov 26, 2005: Improved Map
Didi has contributed a much nicer map, that we intend to keep up to date. Thanks Didi!

Oct 15, 2005: SMT Attacked By Foot
New Log: Giant Foot Attack,

Aug 5, 2005: Kidnapping!
The web RP-log submitter has been fixed, and a log put in: Eeka, Kidnapped!

May 28, 2005: New Log by Yuki-Usa
New log. Yuki-Usa recieves a cryptic ultimatum from an even more cryptic friend of a friend...

May 23, 2005: New Log
New Log, Don, Yuki-Usa, Mako, Eeka, and Fate tell the tales of their secret origins...

May 8, 2005: New Log
New log, Dr. Jules Robur strikes again, devestating the bank!

May 8, 2005: Log System Overhaul
SMTmuck's RP log pages have been given a total overhaul! They look the same but submission's much easier. Go here to easily format and submit logs.

May 4, 2005: Hypno Riot Log
A new log has been added, wherein a crowd of hypnotized college students riots!

Apr 8, 2005: Invasion 1885!
New log! SMT, H.G. Wells Style!

Mar 21, 2005: Log Formatter
Formatting logs is a pain, right? Not anymore.

This script will make it a lot easier, filtering out pages and pub-chat, etc. Copy/paste, hit submit, and see what it feeds back. (note that it's not a submission tool, just a filter!)

It's not perfect, so read over what it gives back before emailing the log. :)

Dec 26, 2004: New Log by Yuki-Usa
Yuki-Usa faces the biggest challenge of her superhero career: introducing her parents to her new friends! In the Nov. 2004 logs!

Oct 14, 2004: New log by FatherGoose, Lord Of The Rings done SMT-style!

Aug 31, 2004: Explosion at S-Mart!
New log, Explosion at S-Mart!

Aug 23, 2004: New Log
Ffiona has sent us this new log, enjoy.

Apr 20, 2004: New Log
Dirge has submitted the conclusion to the Possession plot here.

Apr 20, 2004: Another Log
Another new log, this one from FatherGoose. What could be scarier than Dr. Seuss?.

Apr 9, 2004: Web Server Upgrade
Today, I 'upgraded' the webserver. 'Upgraded' as in 'Borked'. I managed to convince it that yes, it really SHOULD be looking at all my custom config files, so all is well. To those that saw the webpages in their mutilated forms, sorry!

Mar 20, 2004: New Log Posted
Dirge has sent us another Log, enjoy!

Feb 1, 2004: Server Move
SuperMegaTopia MUCK now resides on a different computer. Both the MUCK and the webpage have been brought online, and appear fully operational so far. If you notice any problems, please let me know at

Dec 30, 2003: Site Upgrade
The site has been upgraded, though it ought to appear much the same. Char bios and newsitems are now database-driven. No more hand-editing 3 webpages for one newsitem for me.

Dec 28, 2003: New Log
Another Log has been added! Dirge's Dreams, Film Noir!

Dec 14, 2003: Dirge's Log
Dirge de Valeur has submitted another log for your persual, Ze Knights Templar!

Dec 12, 2003: New Logs
Two new Logs put up: Space Invaders, and the Golden Apple.

Enjoy the Christmas season, everyone!

Sep 7, 2003: New Help Document
We've put together a new help document - What NOT to do in a char app! Enjoy.

Jul 4, 2003: MUCK BBoard Cleanup
We've cleaned up around 200 posts from the bulletin board on the MUCK. They're not gone, however: I logged posts 1 through 227 and saved them Here.

Jul 1, 2003: GunBunny Char Bio
New char bio: GunBunny

May 23, 2003: 2 New Char Bios
Two more char bios: Kercaden and Dirge

May 16, 2003: New Log
New log: Evil Spiders!

May 13, 2003: Mako Char Bio

May 12, 2003: Connie Char Bio

Apr 29, 2003: Web BBoard, 2 New Char Bios
Check out our new Bulletin Board!

Additionally, two new character bios have been added to the Denzien's page! Specifically, Blade Wolf and Bleu Belle.

Mar 15, 2003: A Message From Our Sponsor
The Armageddon plot that Masked_Magus was running has been cancelled. Through the intervention of the continuity police, the event never happened; we apologize for the inconvenience, and hope this isn't too disruptive of roleplay. Thanks for your time, and happy RPing!

-Fire, your happy friendly general-stuff-that-needs-doing wiz

Mar 13, 2003: Server Move
Supermegatopia MUCK has a new home! Fortunately, the entire MUCK database was recovered from the old machine, and transferred to mine posthaste. The MUCK now also has a static IP, so no more annoying disconnects during RP. Thank you for your patience!

Mar 13, 2003: Server Problems
The server has died! This page is being hosted on my machine at the moment, and hopefully soon the MUCK as well. With luck we can get the data off and move it to the new machine as soon as possible; we were already in the process of moving, so hopefully we should have it running soon. Further updates as events warrant.

Dec 27, 2002: New Log
Another log, long overdue. Thank you foryour patience.

Nov 29, 2002: New Logs
More logs - one from September I missed, and a more recent one from November.

Sep 4, 2002: City Hall Log
Update! Another log! City hall,stolen! Read all about it!

Sep 2, 2002: New Logs
Update! 3 new logs from an ongoing TP.

Jun 21, 2002: New Webmaster
Update! You may know me from the muck as Donovan_Thorn( email me at ). I have taken up the job of webmaster for the time being. For updates, I have put up a hefty amount of logs Will attempt to tackle char bios next. Enjoy.

Dec 3, 2001: Lots Of Logs
A big thank you to everyone who sent in logs since my last call for them! Six new logs are available for your perusal, three from one of our new players, Donovan Thorn. We've also got the continuation of Bud 'n' Lumin's October log which ended on a sinister note. Claivoyance sent us this charmingly disturbing log... judge for yourself. Last but not least, Ry'tal sent in a transcript of the Rowe and VonHamster wedding for those of us who couldn't attend.

Oct 17, 2001: One More Log
Alright, I've only gotten one submission since my latest call for logs. I'm sure that a lot of you are buried under a pile of schoolwork at this time of year, but I hope that you're all enjoying more RP than one log suggests. ^.^
So thanks go to Bud'n'Lumin for their eminently entertaining log. We all need a good dose of children sometimes. (Go read it!)

Oct 2, 2001: Java Client
We now have a Java client up and running. It's a bit on the simple side, but it's better than telnet!

Sep 26, 2001: New Logs
The backlog of RP logs is finally up. Five newly posted logs can be found in the May section, there're two logs in the June section, and a single lone log in the July section. Now send me more! ...and if they aren't posted soon after you send them in, nag me mercilessly! ^.^

Jun 24, 2001: New Logs, Char Bio

The RP Logs page has been reorganised for easier browsing. In the meantime, I've also added two more action-packed logs!

Also, Jet Jaguar's bio has been added to the Muck Denizens page.

Jun 11, 2001: The Power of Apache

We're now powered by Apache. Yay!

Jun 10, 2001: News Sidebar, Logs

Added this nifty updates sidebar at Ry'tal's suggestion. More to come. Another couple of logs up on the RP Logs page; one featuring the entrance of Dr. Electro, and one being the Death of Smog.