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SMT Muck - Policy: Building

Building policy, implimented by Dr_Paeg. (If you have problems/suggestions tell me by emailing webmaster):

Issue 1: Basic Building.

Basically, in order to build, you need a building bit, which appears as a B after your dbref number. The building wiz is responsible for giving out building bits to those who wish to create interesting places on the muck. In order to get a building bit, either page or page #mail the building wiz, currently Dr_Paeg. You'll need to explain your concept briefly; we need to check that you're not drunk, unthematic, or stoned before we hand these out.

You will then get your building bit, go build, and inform the building wiz when you're done. Any undesced/unlinked rooms will, after 2 months and a page-mailed warning, be recycled. When you've finished, the building wiz will remove your building bit until you think of another project, and chown your work to SMT muck so that it will be permanent, even if you leave. This last bit is negotiable.

Incidentally, it's helpful to have a place for your building in mind already, although placements will be refused if there are too many links to a given room already. When linking to private property, get the owner's permission sent to the building wiz by page mail.

Issue 2: Alteration of Building(s).

There are two issues at stake here: temporary changing of a desc to reflect damage caused by rp, and permanent changing of a structure, perhaps from a house to a store or castle. These are basically treated the same way: talk to the building wizard. Bring your basic idea, and be ready to discuss it. The only exception to this is when the room is not owned by either the building wizard or SMT: in this case, type ex here in the room and contact the owner of it about altering their property. If the alteration is on private property and temporary, it's your business. :)

Issue 3: Building Staff.

If you feel an overwhelming desire to build a lot of stuff, and have both proven ability and a proven grasp on the theme of the muck, and also have no aversion to being worked to death, then feel free to talk to the building wizzie about becoming building staff.

Issue 4: How do I build?

If you'd like to build something, and don't know how, the building wiz also holds informal building classes when necessary. Page her about this.

Issue 5: Puppets.

Please do. They're fun! A puppet is an object remotely controlled by you. We have some nice programs to simplify making them, and they're good for RP. If you want to make one but don't know how, ask the building wiz and she'll set you up.


Don't let all this intimidate you. Building bits are given out quite freely. We want you to add to our muck.
Also, questions you think might be of interest to many people can go on the building board, typr +readbuild to access it.