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SMT Muck - Policy: Feature Characters

Feature characters, that is, characters that are named in the comics and appear more than once, or that have a large influence in the comics, are treated differently than other characters in SMT MUCK.

On this MUCK, we believe that active feature characters that roleplay often, and remain basically unchanged, are important for our theme. Therefore, we have specific rules governing them, as well as the standard policy governing all characters. Differences are as follows:

Getting a feature: Because features are expected to display exceptional or at least above-average roleplay, and because they are expected to roleplay often, we hold them to higher standards. To obtain a feature, you must show that you roleplay well. Admin will approve feature characters for those they consider good roleplayers. If you feel you are a good roleplayer, send the admin your logs from SuperMegaTopia MUCK or elsewhere and they will decide if you warrant a feature.

Changing feature characters: The feature characters may not undergo any major changes in personality, alignment, or physical persona except with the explicit consensus of all admin.

Relationships with Feature chars: Comic relationships do not necessarily apply to feature characters. If you do not with to have a relationship as specified in the comics, there is no need to roleplay it. For instance, Delilah would not need to interact romantically with Weasel Boy, if her player did not want to. She could instead leave it implicit, assuming it happens 'off camera'. Changing a feature's romantic interests constitutes a major change in the chatacter as outlined above.

Feature characters may not be imitated by other characters. You may not, for instance, create the Dark Lizard who has lived for a very long time. Nor may any character duplicate the powers and weaknesses of comic characters. Any character application which would seem to duplicate a feature may be accepted, but it must use extremely convincing arguements as for why.