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SMT Muck - Policy: Logging

Logging, or making a copy of the events in a room, is encouraged on SuperMegaTopia MUCK. Ideally, all RP would be logged and sent in to be put on the webpage, so that everyone can be entertained by it. There are, however, some guidelines for what logs can be sent in.

1) Clean up personal pages and/or whispers, unless they pertain directly to the RP at hand. No personal pages or whispers need be left in.

2) Clean up OOC comments in the log.

3) Erase all findalls and WHOs, and put all descriptions either at the top of the log, or at the point in which the character comes in. Also, put a list of starting characters at the top of the log. A description of the room may be but in when appropriate.

4) If the log starts in the middle of the RP, a short explanatory paragraph at the beginning would be appreciated.

5) Before you send in the log to the webpage, get the permission of everyone in the log.

Send the logs to the webmaster.

Some examples of logs are available on our Logs page.

note: as long as #5 and #4 are done, the webadmin can clean up the log the rest of the way. Please send all logs in plaintext format.