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SMT Muck - Policy: Punishment

SMT MUCK admin have a variety ways to deal with troublemakers or other disturbances to roleplaying or to player's peace of mind. The admin cannot give these punishments out for no reason. They are entitled to use these deterrents if, and only if a muck policy or guideline is violated, or if the well-being of the muck itself or a majority of the players is threatened.

Admin deterrent options:

1) Warning. This is the mildest of the options, and is used for mild infractions that harm no one greatly. If a warning is disregarded, more severe punishment will follow.

2) Jail. This is the option whereupon you can connect, but cannot leave a specific room or rooms for a number of days. You can still RP if you can convince people to come visit you, or page, etc. This is a relatively mild option.

3) Suspension. If a you are suspended, your password is changed for a number of days, so you cannot connect to your character. This punishment is used for severe offences, or repeated ones.

4) Toading. Toading is the deletion of a character. You are unable to connect, and your character no longer exists. Your character may be decompiled and the instructions on how to set up the exact character emailed if you so request. Toading is used as an extreme measure, for people who seem unable to learn from mistakes or who abuse their connecting privileges.

5) Sitebanning. You will never be able to connect, even as a guest, ever again, and all character applications will be denied. No one can connect from your computer. An extremely severe punishment, it is always a last resort.