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SMT Muck - Common Knowledge

This page holds information that citizens of Supermegatopia all know, and trivia for their players.

Time of day: SMT MUCK time ICly runs at the same rate as OOC time; in other words, 1 RL day=1 IC day. The time is the same as the time kept on the server the MUCK runs on, currently CST sans daylight-savings time. To see the current MUCK time, type 'time'

Timescale: The events on the MUCK take place shortly after the events of the last comic. This is true regardless of how many comics come out. Time flows forward on the muck, so that events happen, however characters do not change with time. For instance, Weasel Boy and Hell Kitty do not grow up, and people do not get older. If you have an original character that you wish to change with the passage of time, that is permissible. Features, however, must be left the same for future players.

Year: Supermegatopia MUCK takes place in the current year, in an alternate timestream.

World: The city Supermegatopia is on the island of Kwijibo. Continents are assumed to be differently shaped than on our Earth, and though it is not important in most cases, a brief description of the planet follows for the purposes of character background continuity.

World Shape: There are 4 main continents on the planet. To the south of Kwyjibo is a desert continent that rests on the equator, to the far north across a lot of ocean is an arctic tundralike continent, and to the north-east and north-west are temperate continents, respectively. The world is round. Feel free to put any towns or cities necessary for your history in these places.

Currency: The currency of Supermegatopia is the Kiwibuck, commonly abbreviated to 'Kiwi.' These currency pieces have nothing to do with the famous fuzzy fruit except that one side of the bill or coin has a picture of Mayor Dave's face in a kiwifruit on one side. All money must be roleplayed, as we have no monetary system.

Anything you think needs to be added to this file should be page-mailed to Fire, Mercury, or Panic, or emailed to the webmaster with the subject 'common knowledge addition'.