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SMT Muck - Theme: Policy And Detail

Supermegatopia MUCK is a role-play oriented, furry superhero muck with a comic leaning.

The setting is a parallel present, in the year 2000. The planet's name is Kwyjibo, and the particular city in which this MUCK takes place is Supermegatopia, formerly known as Dystopia. The muck is limited only to the city itself and the surrounding Kiwi Fields. In the distant future, a Char Mon (medieval D&D) addition may be made. Character concepts from Char Mon are accepted, with the understanding that they currently ICly reside in Supermegatopia as the result of a dimensional door or somesuch.

Gender: Supermegatopia MUCK, unlike most furry MUCKs, has a strict gender policy. We allow male and female genders only, although they may have any sexual orientation. We do *not* allow herms, neuters, etc without evidence that the player is not only after TinySex. Practically, this means that if you've been with the muck a long time, and roleplayed consistently well throughout that time, you are eligible to get a character of a different gender than the two standard.

Government: Supermegatopia is technically a democratic republic, in that the people elect a representative, who supposedly makes the decisions. In reality, the important decisions are made by the mysterious 'Shadowy Figure,' although no one knows about that. Mayor_Dave is the current elected official.

Because of the way time runs, Mayor_Dave will not be replaced in the foreseeable future.

Mayor_Dave, incidentally, an NPC position, and you won't see him walking around: he's currently on a beach far away with an adequate supply of Kiwi Smoothies and Miss Kiwi 99.

Technology: Kwijybo's current technological level is roughly the same as our 'first world' countries in almost every case. Extremely limited space travel is a possibility [ie NASA], medical technology is quite advanced, (see 'news medicine'), and transportation and entertainment are slightly advanced from their current state. Things such as huge-screen TVs, movie theatres, the internet, etc. are common. Home computers &c. are at approximately the same level of advancement as currently. Telephones, etc are the same as well. Weapons are somewhat advanced from now, although such things as 'phasers' and 'lasers' aren't harmful. Generic cheesy 'plasma' weapons do not exist either.

Cyborg technology is the exclusive province of The Metallurgist and a few other feature characters, so you'll have to ICly convince them to help you if you want cybernetics. All 'Mecha' and other robots/high technology must be approved by staff *before* it's implimented.

Note, however, that there are any number of alien races that visit the area, and they have extremely advanced technology, including (obviously) space flight, advanced medical, communications, and entertainment as well as weaponry.

Jobs: Everyone within the muck is expected to either have an IC job, or to act accordingly IC. These jobs may range from spaceship technician to burger flipper to phone psychic, or in fact anything you think could get money out of people. Superheroing or Villaining is in fact a permissible occupation if done full-time, as the city hires the heroes and the villains are expected to be successful enough to make their own money in whatever way they may choose.

Some sample jobs are:

Gardener, Candy Maker, Telemarketer, Burger Flipper, Computer Programmer, Streetsweeper, Henchman, Public Relations for City Hall, Public Relations for Nuclear Waste Plant, Janitor, Teacher, Taxi Driver, CEO, Security Guard, Musician, Sports Star, Tailor, Kiwi Farmer, Shopkeeper.

Police: A workable police force is entirely up to the citizens (that's you) of the muck. No administrator or other player can 'force' you to go to jail against your OOC wishes just because you've committed a crime. These is an IC jail, which is expected to be used quite a bit. Please keep in mind that if your character is a thief/mugger/etc they *will* realistically get caught upon occasion. You may wish to get a group of people together and roleplay being in jail all at once. Keep in mind, not just villains go to jail! If Weasel Boy jaywalks, he's got a reason to be there, just as much as anyone.

You can play a police officer at any time, anonymously, by logging in as a guest and choosing that form.

Medical Technology: Antibiotics, sleeping pills, antihistamines, etc., are available in any drugstore. Neurosurgery is an option, as are heart transplants, kidney transplants, lung transplants, bone marrow transplants, etc. CAT scans also exist, as do DNA tests to once and for all nail down such questions as, "Is he REALLY my long-lost son?". Laser surgery on eyeballs. It is possible to take a blood sample and learn dozens of interesting things from it (antibodies, genetic diseases, leukaemia, low blood sugar, etc.) that a few decades ago would have been impossible to identify. Genetic diseases are being identified faster and faster as the experts get the hang of it. Artificial insemination is experimented with. Cloning of animals occurs in the labs.

Human cloning is not an option yet, except by Dr Pilkins, nor is bringing someone back to life who has a bullet through their head, or is severely damaged. Magic must adhere to the above rules as well for the sake of muck integrity.