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SMT Muck - Communications: Bulletein Boards

There are several bulletin boards on the muck for the purpose of IC communication and OOC communication, both between players and players, and between admin and players. Boards can be read from anywhere on the muck. The descriptions of the commands are listed after the boards.

Below the boards and their purposes are listed:

Main Board: Used for OOC communication to the whole muck, everyone should read this board at least once a week. You are responsible for knowing everything on it. If you have something you want everyone to know, this is the place to put it. Commands: +read, +read <number>, +write, +erase <number>, +editmsg <number>

News Board: Used for IC communication. In general, anything that might be in a newspaper can go here, including ads, stories about RPs you've had, or notices about upcoming RPs. If you're interested in RP, this is the board for you. Commands: +readnews, +readnews <number>, +writenews, +erasenews <number>, +editmsgnews <number>

PR Board: This is the Ask the Administration board. If you have any questions or complaints on any subject, including theme, policy, and technical stuff, this is the place for it. A completely OOC board. Look here before you ask the administration any questions; the answer might be right there. Commands: +readpr, +readpr <number>, +writepr, +editmsgpr <number>, +erasepr <number>

Building board: This board is for building announcements and policy discussions, as well as for requesting building bits. It is also there to cover the technical side of building. If you have a building bit, you are responsible for knowing everything on this board, so in that case you should read it. Commands: +readbuild, +readbuild <number>, +writebuild, +editmsgbuild <number>, +erasebuild <number>

Board Commands:
If command starts with: Then it:
+read shows a list of all messages on the board.
+read <number> shows the text of the message specified by <number>
+write begins a new message
+editmsg <number> edits the message specified by <number>
+erase <number> removes the message specified by <number>, you can only erase your own messages unless you are staff or higher.