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SMT Muck - In and Out of Character

IC (In character) and OOC (out of character) are very important concepts on our MUCK. When in character, you are the character. Everything you say or pose is something your character does or says, except when marked by an (OOC) or somesuch in the pose or say. Alternatively, when you are OOC, you have nothing to do with your character. Other people will see you as a person sitting far away from them, typing words that show up on their screen.

In order to avoid confusion between the two, Supermegatopia MUCK has an OOC/IC marker system.

To make sure everyone knows that you are IC, type: goic

To make sure that people know you are out of character, type: goooc

To advise people that you are actively looking for roleplay, but are not currently engaged in any, type: goiic (invite in character)

To advise people that you will be away for your computer, type: goafk

These commands ensure that everyone knows what is going on with complete clarity at all times.
Some other command which follow this format that are also available are: goafk to say you're away from your keyboard and goidl to let people know you will be slow to respond. Only one will be set at any given time.

See the Roleplaying Document for more information on what in character means.