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SMT Muck - Communications

There are a number of ways to connect with your fellow players on the muck, besides the standard pose and says. These include:

Page #mail: This is useful to communicate with one or two people privately if they are not online, or are busy building or idling. The basic syntax is p #mail <person> <2nd person>=<message> or p #mail <person>=:<pose> To page more than one person, type the names of each leaving one space between, as in the first example.

OOC chat: You can chat OOCly with those in the same room as you with this command. Just ooc whatever to talk.

Public Channel: This command is for organising rp that's in several rooms at once, contacting those interested in rp, or just for being silly if you really want to. Everything you say over it is assumed to be out of character. It is turned on with pub #on and you speak on it using pub <message>.

Onmuck Bulletin Boards: There are several bulletin boards on the muck, for several specific purposes. The main board, which all players should keep up with, is used for general OOCish messages that you wish to share with the whole muck. The 2 basic commands are +read to read the message subjects, and +read <messagenumber> to read the contents of the specific message. More on boards, and a listing of the boards and what they're for, is shown at the boards page. Also on that page is a listing of board commands.