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SMT Muck - What is Roleplay?

RP, or role-playing, is when you take on a different persona and act out the part of a character separate from yourself. As Supermegatopia MUCK is primarily an RP muck, there are many opportunities to RP here. The most common type is unplanned RP, where two people happen to be in the same room, or one pages the other and says, "Wanna RP in the pub?" Also, by typing, fa you can find out where large numbers of people are gathered; if it's in a public room, chances are that they're RPing and you can join them. An OOC page making sure of this is good manners.

Another type of RP are the planned and somewhat structured RPs called "Tinyplots" where someone comes up with an idea... say a Superhero Convention.. and advertises it a little in advance, so people show up for the prearranged activities. These activities are arranged on the main and news boards.

If you log on, and there doesn't seem to be any RP going on at the moment, do feel free to page anyone set IC or IIC in the findall, or alternatively type staff and page one of the RP wizards or staff, or anyone set with anything or all and they'll see about hooking you up with some action.

If you log on and no one is online, try again at another time, as we don't yet have enough of a playerbase to guarantee people on every hour of the day (or night) who are interested in active RP. The wg command is useful in determining when the most people are on.

Please see Roleplay Policy and the Roleplay Guide for more information.