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SMT Muck - Policy: IC Groups

There are several IC 'groups' on Supermegatopia MUCK, some more loosely organised than others. These include The Offenders, the Men-Men, the Vayne group, etc. If your character is a member of one of these groups in the comics, they are automatically part of the group in the MUCK. Group privileges include having a group home to stay in, and having people who will probably ICly back you up if necessary.

If you are not part of a group detailed in the comics, you will not be allowed to join one of the detailed groups. However, groups mentioned in the comics can be fleshed out, and the idea brought to the admin. If the admin agree, it can become a full-fledged IC group on the MUCK. If you wish to make up an official group to belong to, that must also be presented to the MUCK admin, who will decide whether to accept it. Please take the following into account when fleshing out your IC group:

1) Size: what is the maximum size you will allow the group to grow to? Is there one?

2) Purpose/Intent: why is the group together? What id their intent?

3) Closeness: how close is the group? Is it a bunch of randomly-together Heroes that are down on their luck? Or a family that always fights crime together?

4) Criteria for admission: if someone wants to join, can they? Do they need to pass tests of any sort?

5) Living quarters: do they live together, like the Offenders? Or do they each have their own place?

6) Reputation: Is the group well-known, or secret?

Misc. Merc is an example of a player-formed group.