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SMT Muck - Policy: Toading

Our policy on requested toading is as follows: Anyone desiring to have their character toaded must speak with a staff member personally, and privately. All matters are attended to on a 'case by case' set-up. A staff member may, for any reason he or she sees fit, deny a toading request, if they feel it is in the best interest of the player. The staff member, if the toading is approved, will then give 48 hours to the player, at which time, they will be paged or page-mailed by a staffer a specific question about the toading and our policies, and upon agreement to these terms, the character will be toaded, and an @archive of that character and it's possessions willbe e-mailed to their registered address if they so request. Anyone not wishing to go through this process can also be toaded simply by not logging in for 60 days. Features have a lesser amount of time.