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SMT Muck - Commands: RPinfo

When you're living in the same city as a number of superheroes and villains, it's assumed that you'd know a little about each one ICly from the news, a fight you've witnessed, etc. Also, when you're roleplaying, it's good to be able to have a solid idea as to what people's powers are OOCly. Rpinfo serves this function.

To read someone's RPinfo: rpinfo <person>
To check to see if your rpinfo is set: rpinfo #check

Setting your RPinfo

RPinfo consists of a number of settings which are listed below, along with a brief explanation of each.

Brief Description: A one or two sentence description of your character's most memorable physical attributes. A sample brief description might be: A short weasel in a purple and green jump-suit. Note this is meant to describe physical appearance only To set your brief description, type @set me=rp/desc:<brief desc here> This description will show up in the glance command, as well.

IC Skills: A listing of your character's skills and abilities, both combat-oriented and standard. A sample IC Skills list might be: Can fix or make anything electronic, and wields a nasty wrench. To set your IC Skills, type @set me=rp/icskills:<list of IC skills>

OOC skills: A listing of things you can do for the muck. A sample OOC Skills list might be: Roleplaying villains, Building, Assisting with Tinyplots. To set your OOC Skills, type @set me=rp/oocskills:<list of OOC skills>

Character Age: The apparent age of your character. Remember, this is how old they look, not how old they are! A sample age for Tiger Lass might be: 20ish. To set your Character Age, type @set me=rp/age:<age here>

Affiliation: The group, if any, which with your character is connected. A sample Affiliation for She Male would be: The Offenders. note if you have no affiliation, please set this to 'none' To set your Affiliation, type @set me=rp/affiliation:<affiliation>

Battlecry: This should be self-evident :) A sample battlecry for the Tick would be "Spoon!" To set your battlecry, type @set me=rp/motto:<battlecry here>

Image: This is for any pictures you have of you, or for a profile if you have one of those. A sample image for Hell_Kitty would be '' To set your image, type @set me=_/image:<your url here>

Occupation: What your character does for a living. You may have more than one. A sample occupation is: Nun/Superhero. To set your occupation, type @set me=rp/occupation: <occupation>

Miscellaneous: This is for other information, or links to more information. To set your miscellaneous category, type @set me=rp/misc:<miscellaneous information here>