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Welcome to the web site of Supermegatopia MUCK, Kiwi Capital of the 'Net, home to the largest number of angst-free Superheroes and Supervillains this side of a comic book special, and a haven for tourists and travellers the world over.

This page exists to let everyone know a little more about our MUCK, and to provide information on how to become part of it, and what to do once you're on.

Supermegatopia muck is a free, text-based, online multiplayer roleplaying game. To put it more sanely, it's a place online where you step into the shoes of a Superhero, Supervillain, or Civilian of Supermegatopia and play their part, without having to mess around with pricey subscriptions or clunky, bandwidth-sucking graphics.

Our MUCK is based on the Supermegatopia Comic and is run with full permission of The Brothers Grinn. It's a roleplay-oriented muck with a superhero-comedy-furry (anthropomorphic-animal) theme. You can connect to it now with your own telnet client or our java client, or browse our page to learn a little more about it first.


Mar 3, 2010: New MUCKers Pic!
Timothius was kind enough to draw us this! Months of work, four sketches, and finally superimposed and colored! Isn't he great? Thanks Tim!

Dec 21, 2009: Denizen System
The denizen system should be working now. There's also a system to edit your own denizen, though you will need to give it a password first.

Aug 27, 2009: SMT Map
Since the website has moved, the map stopped working. here is a new link.

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