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SMT Muck - Policy: IC Consequences

SuperMegaTopia MUCK believes firmly in continuity of roleplay; thus, we believe that some reactions follow naturally from certain actions. There are several classes of IC action which demand reactions, and these are listed below. Performing the below actions is the same as giving consent to the stated consequences, unless it has been worked out OOCly beforehand.

1) Criminal actions with police/security forces in the area. If there are large numbers of people in a room who would attempt to capture/stop/retaliate upon your character if he provokes them, and he does so, then he will be captured or caught 90% of the time unless the outcome is worked out beforehand. Roll some dice if you can't agree OOCly. note: only extremely powerful or rich people can afford security forces to this extent.

2) Building Destruction and property damage. If your character damages property, he must ICly pay to have the property fixed unless he can get out of it somehow (i.e. convince witnesses not to turn him in). In addition, the owner of the damaged property may deny access in the future ICly, or at least attempt to.

3) Combat Damage. If you're hurt in combat, you're expected to roleplay being injured for a reasonable length of time. Seeing as Supermegatopia has advanced medical technology, at least in combat injuries, this reasonable time length is approximately one or two full days, unless of course you have a good IC reason.