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SMT Muck - Policy: Sex and Romance

Supermegatopia muck recognises that romance and cheesecake is an integral part of roleplay in our environment, with the explicit understanding that romance does not mean TinySex. TinySex, while not absolutely prohibited, is severely discouraged by admin. Romances are expected to be follow the comics as much as possible, where the usual activity is assumed to have occurred, but not explicitly roleplayed.

No explicitly sexual action of any type is to occur in public. This is a severe offence, for which severe penalties will be enacted. Innuendo is permissible, as is extremely clean reference or description. For instance, saying a woman is shirtless is permissible; describing her breasts in detail is not. This does not, of course, preclude IC consequences...

The IC marriage system of the muck is assumed to be as the US system today, with monogamous marriages and no-fault divorces.

No one may force a romance upon another person under any guise, by any means, or for any reason. Period. It doesn't matter if you're supposed to be together in the comics.

Romantic powergaming, such as forcing hugs or other romantic attentions on another character without OOC permission is also prohibited.

See also policy on gender and powergaming.