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SMT Muck - Policy: Combat

SuperMegaTopia MUCK does not have a combat system. All combat is expected to be roleplayed in a reasonable manner. Differences are to be resolved in a calm OOC manner that does not disturb the other people in the roleplay scene.

No character on SMT MUCK shall be forced into combat against their player's will or may be attacked without prior consent of the player, except where IC consequences rules apply. Also, it is not good roleplay to attack anyone for no IC reason, regardless of the fact that they're a hero or a villain.

In combat, you are under no circumstances allowed to kill another character that has not given their explicit permission to be killed in the form of a page mail to the staff. Characters of any sort shall not be allowed to come back from the dead unless given permission by a majority of the staff.

Feature characters or other characters mentioned in the comics may not be killed even with player permission, as they are the property of the MUCK.

All combat RP is expected to adhere to the guidelines in the RP Policy and the Powergaming Policy.