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SMT Muck - Policy: Roleplaying

1) All roleplay shall be kept at a pg-13 level. Thus sexual innuendo is OK, explicit nudity of any type or explicitly sexual actions are not.

2) Another player's property, including their character and any belongings, may not be altered in roleplay without their prior OOC consent.

3) No roleplay of any type shall be forced upon anyone, for whatever reason. Continued attempts to force someone to roleplay with you after they explicitly state that they do not want to is HARASSMENT and shall be dealt with as such.

4) No combat shall be initiated without prior OOC consent from all parties. Provocative actions do not qualify as prior consent except in extreme cases. IE name calling is not extreme. Murder or theft is.

5) Powergaming is not permissible. Repeated extreme powergaming is grounds for toading.

6) Killing another character without their explicit OOC consent is grounds for toading.

7) Adding or altering magical powers or superpowers or any major part of a character after it has been approved is not acceptable unless two admin accept the change. This is within reason, of course... you can dye your hair, and we won't care.

8) Retconning shall be decided between the players in question. If they cannot agree, a staff or wizard should be called to moderate. Major events, defined as those affecting 4 or more people, or public property, may not be retconned without staff permission.

This is stuff the staff AND your rp partners will get mad at you for. See also the rp guide for some RP guidelines and etiquette, the IC consequences document for some idea of RP continuity policy, the What is RP? page for a better idea of what RP is, and the punishment policy to see what can happen to you if you ignore warnings about the above behaviour.