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SMT Muck - RP Guide

These are some guidelines for RP in Supermegatopia. Further guidelines are found in the combat and powergaming pages.

1) Above all else, it's a game. It's here for fun, not to 'win' or 'beat everyone' or some other absurdity.

2) Try to keep it realistic and consistent. Know what your character can do, and has done, and stick to that. Do not create 'magical powers' or somesuch without prior admin approval.

3) Before joining an ongoing RP, page OOCly and ask if you may.

4) Keep OOC comments to pages and whispers in the same room as an ongoing RP.

5) Know at least generally the contents of the RP policy document and the powergaming document

6) Keep everyone's IC reputation in mind. It is not realistic to walk up to Dark Iguana and say, "You're a bastard." or to walk up to Holy Cow and say, "God is dead." In this case they will have grounds to use the IC consequences policy, and even if they don't you will be labelled a bad roleplayer.

7) Attacking someone for no IC reason is silly. If a villain is sitting in a bar not harming anything, it isn't terribly heroic to start beating on them.

8) Keep signs such as IC friendly and IC only in mind.

9) If a dispute cannot be settled quickly, don't let it interfere with RP. Use the roll program to roll a dice randomly, or call in a staff to moderate.

10) Retconning (pretending an event didn't happen) must be decided between the players in question. If they cannot agree, a staff or wizard should be called to moderate.

11) Check someone's description before you RP with them. Even if their name is Weasel_Boy, you may not be able to tell because he may be in disguise.

This is stuff that's just common sense and courtesy. See also the RP Policy for some RP policy and etiquette, the What is RP page for a better idea of what RP is, the Powergaming Page for an idea of what not to do, and the IC consequences for some idea of RP continuity policy.